What is it?

Motionscan is a stereo vision capture process that records an actors performance from multiple views recording diffuse texture, 3D mesh, normal map and sound simultaneously. All of the views are combined to produce a seamless digital representation of the actors head and their performance for insertion in a video game or CG production.

Motionscan as used in L.A.Noire was originally an unordered mesh. Ongoing development of the technology has allowed us apply the animation data to an ordered mesh more typically used in films and games allowing the games team or CG production to apply skin shaders, hair and damage such as bruising and blood on top of the captured performance. Artists can also use additional art tools to sculpt a more detailed normal map and apply it to the MotionScan data. The new ordered mesh also makes re skinning the MotionScan head model to the body a trivial process that can be automated.

This clip is of actor Bob Clendenin from L.A.Noire. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0003928/
L.A.Noire is copyright of Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive Software Inc.


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