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Depth Analysis has developed a tools pipeline for game customers and CG productions.  A plug in for Maya Motion Builder allows CG customers to build cut scenes for games or for CGI films to visualize captured heads of actors in real time within MotionBuilder.  This means that CGI teams can really quickly previz and light their shots using really close approximations of final dialogue and performance. For game teams we provide a server infrastructure that allows designers and artists to visualize lines of dialogue and types of performance and mix, match and trim these lines for in game use. Depth Analysis captured 50 hours worth or raw data for l.A.Noire and used over 21 hours of final dialogue in the game.

MotionScan is played back in game using code that can plug into any game engine and is compressed and decompressed using a video codec.

The original MotionScan data was an unordered mesh. We have developed the technology further so that the captured data can be applied over an ordered mesh. This means that games teams and CG teams can apply any number of additional shaders over the captured diffuse layer. This includes techniques like sub surface scattering, CG Hair and damage shaders.

We also in the process of  developing eye tracking and eye replacement software allowing for the removal of the captured eye mesh and replacement with a much more detailed optically correct eye model which can be driven by a skeletal bone system. If this is used we can apply the captured animations to the eye bones so that the performance still looks incredibly natural. What this means to the audience is that we can now  do extreme closeups and really zoom in on the eyes for the first time.

The original MotionScan system that we used for L.A.Noire used 2k resolution cameras. We are now trialling 4k cameras which give double the resolution for next gen game applications and for feature films.

We are happy to talk to you about your specific needs and ways we can make MotionScan work for your production.

This is the actor Bob Clendenning. In this example we have added a Sub Surface Scattering shader to make the skin much more lifelike when applied to the new ordered mesh. Additionally we have added a hair shader to give Bob a new hairstyle. This means you can add any hairstyle to a captured character as well as apply other shaders for things like damage and bruises. This is a clip from the video game L.A.Noire published by Rockstar Games. L.A.Noire is a trademark and copyright of Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive Software Inc.


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