Motionscan uses 32 high resolution video cameras arranged as pairs to capture an actors face during a live performance. The actor sits in a chair where the cameras are arrayed all around them. The actor has access to the director and reference videos of other actors to play against via a series of monitors placed within the rig. These monitors can be changed to match different eyelines that the performer may need to match.

Before capture commences the script is uploaded to the capture tools and a capture block is generated for the current capture. The operator can mark each take for director preference, note any anomaly and send them immediately for processing. No marker or paint are applied to the actors face making the process very comfortable for an actor.  Typically a director would review takes after a capture to decide which takes would be sent for processing.

Capture is in real time so it is very easy to capture as many variations of line as the director and the actor can imagine.

Depth Analysis Scan Room

Photo of the inside of the MotionScan rig by Andrew Hamilton
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